Day 41.

We went to the Everglades!!

Peacocks look like turkeys from the back.

See you later alligator! 

I'm so funny. :)

Then the rains came, and we peaced out.

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Day 40.

[insert name of insanely cute ice cream parlor/candy shop in downtown miami]

That's for you, hooker. 
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Day 39.

We went to south beach, and I loved this Saved by the Bell lifeguard hut thing.

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Day 38.

I made gluten free pizza!!!
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Day 37.

This is my brother Spencer. He likes to eat cantaloupe. I'm pretty sure he finished the whole thing in one day.
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day 36.

So, Ashley and I decided to clean out the fridge today. We're pretty sure this is Reyna's onion. How much longer till it's fully grown? 
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my vacation from my vacation/random decorations around grandma's house part 2.

we flew to texas.

i took ninja pics. 

and someone took pictures with my camera while i was napping in the airport. seriously. 

i did not take these. for reals.




adorable boy i wanted to steal. 

he was great entertainment.


ammon is my bud. he's so fun. 

a giant toad in my grandma's yard. 

a one-armed faerie fountain in my grandma's yard. 

a giant owl on the counter outside. 

a gnome. wearing a yellow jacket.

some bust of a horse. (is it okay to use if it's not human?)

a clown bookend.

a rainbow to end the trip.