Day 19.

i love lighthouses. 

and arabs. 

especially faeries!
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Day 18.

Day 17.

i thought maybe posting a picture of my room would motivate me to clean it. 

let's see if it works. 
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Day 16.

Look who I ride the bus with!

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Day 15.

my dinner. 
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Day 14.



mom. dad. my birthday is coming up. remember that? i'd really like that locket. i've wanted it ever since it came out 6 months ago. 

the brand @ttract is great.

Day 13.

hallway in the jfsb. 

Day 12.

a bush. rocks. snow. moab.

my awesome lion tittly tat. 

rocks and moab. 

Day 11.

sometimes i miss when i'm pouring the cocoa mix into my milk. 
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Day 10.

i want to be this man. or just be friends with him. they were from maine and were just camping in the canyons for fun. in shorts and t-shirts. 

they were cool. i swear.

a tree. 

and i hated these pictures so much, i didn't edit any of them. 

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Day 9.

can i just say, this is not my photo style. i don't like taking pictures of things that look ugly. 

a big rock, and some double arches going on. nice. 

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Day 8.

So. Camping. Fun, but not when it storms. Which happened 10 minutes after this picture. Look at that washed-out-cause-there-were-big-nasty-storm-clouds sky And all that my trip consisted of was rocks. And snow. 

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Day 7.

Definitely still love my shoes.

and awesome clouds this morning.
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Day 6 1/2.

remember how i love my shoes? and the smell of grass? and outside? 

and definitely my shampoo. unfortunately target decided to stop selling them. boo.

But! You can find them here.
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Day 6.

So, I'm going camping for three days and this is what I'm bringing to eat. 

I ran out of the good honey, and had to switch to my wildflower/tea honey.

I'm a choosey mom.

All set!

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Day 5.

sickly me getting some fresh air. 

it was 47 degrees today! woo!

these were the guys that were hitting on jess. note the one on the far left. yeah, they weren't very good.

my new kicks. only $9.

I am currently drinking the throat tamer in hopes of being able to sleep tonight.