Day 34.?

I dunno what I'm really doing with this thing. Oh well. Here's some pics from our pool in super hot, super humid Miami.

Sydney and Spencer.

Spencer and Sydney.

Spencer doing what Spencer does.

Making things fall apart. :P 

But they always turn out okay. 

Happy Summer! Also, I love water. It's so fun. 

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Day 35.

so, my family took a little trip to hollywood studios. it was so hot.

i should've worn a hat.

or gotten a white trash tattoo (sounds like a good blog name, huh?)

sometimes my dad thinks he's still a kid. 

and my sister thinks she's 25.

obviously old enough to throw down the hate glare. 

now spencer, he acts his age.

my dad goofing off again. 

what he doesn't realize is,

this is serious business here. 
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Day 33.

yes. my wonderful friend jackie paige griffith made me 9 or 10 poke ball cupcakes. 

however, i had dropped 3 or 4 before i made it inside. good news is, you can only carry 6 poke balls at a time anyway. 

this is her nephew matthew, who is very upset that i tried to pick him up. 

also, this is apparently all that i have of jackie. sorry woman.